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Welcome to Feux d’artifices du Québec inc.

Feux d'artifices du Québec Inc. is specialized in fireworks since 1984. We have a mission to make your activities a memorable moment with a quality pyrotechnic's deployment. What distinguishes our company among our competitor is that we buy only the best products available from a number of importers in the world.

Each year, before the summer season, we take the time to study all new products to choose the best products to offer our customers. By doing business with Feux d'artifices du Québec Inc, you have an advantage to have a large selection of quality.

All our products are registered in Canada confirming that they are products whose sale is permitted.

We are wholesaler and retailer. Since we buy in large quantities, this allows us to be very competitive in the market by offering a quality product at an unbeatable price.

For the family parties, our specialist can proceed with the launch of your fireworks based on the amount of purchase. We include the service on the date and time agreed on your property and clean up after (we make no hole in the ground).

For professional deployments , we have teams of artificers who hold all necessary permits required by the federal and provincial governments and the experience to launch fireworks. We have the required insurance and we will obtain all necessary approvals of the owners of the land and the city. (fire departement).

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