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Security and safety...

You must be aged at least 18 years and older to use fireworks. Choose an area of ​​30 m X 30 m, without hindrance. You must have permission from the landowner. It is forbidden to use fireworks:

  • Inside a building.
  • In the streets.
  • In parks
  • In playgrounds.

Click here to download a PDF safety of the Government of Canada.

Here are the rules to follow to use your fireworks :

  • Read the instructions
  • Install Fireworks on the same day.
  • Check weather conditions such as speed and wind direction.
  • Keep spectators at least 20 meters away from your launch site.
  • Make sure you have at hand buckets of water, fire extinguisher or a garden hose ready.
  • Bury firmly in the ground or in buckets filled with sand (at least half the length) and give a slight angle to the parts in the opposite direction of the spectators.